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Addiction In The United States

A startling 2 million Americans suffer from substance use disorders that have stemmed from being prescribed opioid-based pain medications. 80% of those who are addicted to heroin started with prescription drug abuse.  As a nation, we are more addicted now than ever before.  

With the rising drug epidemic in the US, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t had experience with addiction. Whether it’s a casual acquaintance, a close family member, or you’ve had some trouble with it personally – we’ve all been touched by substance abuse.

The Stigma Of Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction have long been a stigmatized topic and is often dismissed as being purely a criminal or mental health issue. This places addiction under an incredibly negative light which in turn deprives people of getting the help they really need. That is why we created Scream for Recovery.

By creating Scream for Recovery, our goals are to raise awareness on the tremendous gap between addiction and addiction treatment, to break the silence that fuels the stigma of addiction, and to create a community of addiction support for those who have suffered through the disease of addiction.

In the face of such a colossal issue, it can be difficult to figure what to do to help and where to start. Alone we inch slowly closer to a solution. However, when we all work together it makes our attempts stronger and more effective.

How You Can Get Involved

You may feel like you want to help but you don’t know where to start and that kind of helplessness is frustrating, isn’t it? Doesn’t it just make you want to scream?

What if we told you that by simply screaming you could give a voice to the millions of people whose lives have been ruined by their addiction to drugs and alcohol? We invite you to join us in  #ScreamForRecovery, a social movement that will do just that.

We want you to scream with us to help raise awareness and jumpstart an important dialogue while helping you and your loved ones let go of some frustration. It will be fun, we promise.

Why Scream With Us

We are screaming for those who are currently struggling with an addiction to let them know that a clear path to recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse is possible.

We’re screaming to give a voice to the millions of people whose lives have been ruined or lost due to addiction to drugs and alcohol.

We are screaming for the men, women, and children who are going to be addicted unless we all work together to fight it.

Screamers Across the Country

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Granada Hills, CA
Reseda, CA

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